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Cecil the Lion: The Next Generation?

Updated: Mar 20, 2019

I think it’s safe to say that most people have heard of Cecil the lion—if only because/when he was killed by that jerk dentist from Minnesota. (No? Google him.)

I’ve just been in Hwange National Park (Zimbabwe), and guess who is alive and well—and mating vigorously? Cecil’s son.

He’s a handsome boy, isn’t he?

It’s nice to know that, even though Cecil is not around anymore, perhaps his gene pool will continue…

Mating is a several-days affair for big cats: every 10 to 20 minutes, for up to 3 or 4 days at a time. (Here’s a good description of why.)

My guide said that lions don’t hunt at all during these marathon mating sessions. They’re very focused on procreation.

So of course, they need lots of rest (dare I say “cat naps”?) in between.

… and they don’t just stay in one place. (A change of scenery isn’t a bad idea, right?)

And on and on they go.

…and yes, even fully grown adults in safari vehicles tend to giggle (a lot) at this display.

We moved on to enjoy our sundowners—and give the two cats some privacy (not that they wanted it; they were right alongside the track).

… but we came across them the next day.

Who says lions are lazy?

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