I write suspense fiction--much of it taking place in Africa.

"The Water's Edge"

My first short story appears in FAULT LINES, an anthology from Sisters in Crime NorCal

"After lunch, we returned to our rooms for a siesta. It’s too hot in the middle of the day in Stone Town to do anything else. I rested under the ceiling fan, staring at the wall—and started noticing animal shapes in the plaster: An elephant, a giraffe, an antelope.


They reminded me of last week on safari, when we’d come upon lions eating a wildebeest. At first, I’d gagged at the sight of all that blood on the lions’ faces and the wildebeest’s fur. I looked down at my hands, and for an instant, I saw them covered in blood. 


Then I noticed my dad, and the expression on his face almost made me laugh: His realization of the absolute inappropriateness of this vacation—out in the wild African savanna, “kill or be killed” and all that—had come a tad too late."




Elephant Graveyard

India Vincennes, an anti-poaching advocate, feels compelled to return to Kenya to clear her name from charges of ivory trafficking. Although she’s never lost her passion for saving elephants, she promised herself to never return to Kenya after a painful break up with her lover, Edward Hay, and a stakeout incident that caused her professional disgrace. The minute she arrives in Nairobi, a series of harrowing “accidents” indicates that someone doesn’t want her around. Then Edward—the person apparently behind the accusations against her—vanishes.


The wildlife is the least of India’s worries as she traverses the Kenyan bush: The full moon—a time poachers always strike—is just days away, and India must thwart the poachers’ plans to kill three iconic elephant bulls and keep herself and her friends safe—all while trying to find Edward. Unresolved feelings for Edward and a profound concern for the elephant families devastated by the ivory trade push India to confront her own deep wounds from a childhood family tragedy. (not yet published)


On the verge of a breakdown because of her husband’s recent death—and professional humiliation because of missteps in her emotional state—Zara Trevenen is struggling to keep on track a rhino conservation conference in South Africa whose success she’s staked her reputation on. But when she becomes a suspect in two attendees’ murders, she must regain her inner strength and self-confidence to foil hostage-takers and save conference attendees. (in progress)

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