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Water Wheels of Isle sur la Sorgue

My five-day excursion to Isle sur la Sorgue was a last-minute decision—the result of some COVID-related travel plan changes. It turned out to be a great move.

The village is small—easy to navigate around fairly quickly. But there’s still enough to keep you busy for a few days, especially when you’re working at the same time, which I’m doing.

My little rental had a water wheel just outside the window (across the narrow street), so I was serenaded by the relaxing sounds of splashing water.

There are 15 or so working water wheels along the canals in Isle sur la Sorgue (which is sometimes called “The Venice of Provence”). They used to provide industrial power; now, it’s more economic power, from tourist revenue.

Isle sur la Sorgue is also known for its antique shops and weekly market. But beware: I’m mangling a quote here (which I think I’m taking from one of Peter Mayle’s books): “You can find anything in Isle sur la Sorgue except a bargain.”

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