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Beauty Has No Age: Evelyn Bencicova’s RIPE Project

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

One of the things I love about being a freelance writer is the variety of topics–and people–I have the opportunity to cover. Recently, I’ve been writing a series for Create! Magazine that highlights some of the best artists on Behance.

RIPE,” one of Evelyn Bencicova’s recent projects, really struck me. The young photographer from Bratislava, Slovakia takes on society’s ideas of beauty and our fears of aging in this thought-provoking series.

In the article, Evelyn describes how, although very young, she already feels tremendous pressure around aging. Her series shows women who are proud, active and beautiful.

To Evelyn, ripe means “full of taste” and “top quality.” Read the full article from Create!, including more images, here.

What do you think? What do these photographs say to you?

Images courtesy of Evelyn Bencicova.

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