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Stories of Culture

(c) Lauren Vied Allen

“Food transcends all aspects of life. It tells our history, it unites people, it’s used to celebrate and grieve—and everyone has to eat,” food photographer Lauren Vied Allen explains. “The medium has allowed me to experience all of these things, whether I’m in a studio collaborating with trained chefs and stylists for commercial and editorial work, or in a tiny thatched home in the Belizean jungle documenting tortilla making.”

Allen grew up in a Mexican-American family that always made sure that she knew her culture—where they came from and how music, food, art, and history has shaped their cultural identity.

(c) Lauren Vied Allen

“Food and travel photography has given me the opportunity to learn how others connect to their cultural identity. Food is much greater than daily sustenance because when people are well fed, we open ourselves to learning about each other,” she says.

... read on for the full article I wrote about Lauren Vied Allen for Create magazine.

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