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Sweltering Short Stories

I loved this collection of short stories. I was initially drawn to it because the editors are among my favorite African authors—and unsurprisingly, the contributions from Michael Stanley (“Spirits”) and Annamaria Alfieri (“The Sultan Rules Mombasa”) were among my favorites. But beyond theirs, I really enjoyed the breadth of hot-weather stories in this collection.

Another favorite was “Extreme Heat,” by Robert Wilson, in which a foolish English hitchhiker finds out what it really means that “nobody leaves Africa untouched.” And if you like good story twists, you’ll enjoy “Snake Skin” by Olivia Yu and “The Logistics of Revenge” by Susan Froetschel.

Don’t be fooled into believing that good crime stories only come to life in the gloom of a cold Nordic winter! I definitely agree with the editors that “shadows are darkest where the sun is brightest.” After reading these stories, I’m sure you will, too.

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