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5 Things I Love about Sydney Right Off the Bat

I arrived in Sydney less than a week ago, and I'm already feeling at home. Here are a few of the things I'm loving:

  • Beaches, beaches, beaches: For the first few weeks of my stay, I’m living a couple of blocks from the Coastal Walk—right near Bronte Beach. So I have a choice of exercise routes (and swimming spots): north to Bondi, or south to Clovelly and Coogee.

  • Birds, birds, birds: I’m seeing and hearing all kinds of stunning birds and bird songs. There are ibises at the beach and in the local parks, and I’ve seen magpies, lorikeets, a currawong and a noisy miner in the trees outside my window. I have a lot of new birds to learn about!

  • Brekkie all day: All-day breakfast is a thing here—which made me, after a 15-hour flight, very happy. I walked into Bondi in the early afternoon and found a sidewalk café where I ordered poached eggs on sourdough with avo on the side. Yum!

  • Sydneysiders are polite and helpful. They actually stand back from the doors of trains and buses to let people off, before boarding. And when they see a middle-aged woman with a suitcase looking back and forth between her phone and street signs, they come up and ask if she needs help!

  • … and I love the way Australians shorten words—often ending them in “o”: Tamarama is “Tamo”; a lawn bowling club is a “bowlo”; vegetarians are “veggos”; Paddington is “Paddo.” (Exception: Firefighters are “fireys.”)

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